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The company was founded on May 2nd 1920 by Luis Stocco and is currently run by the fourth generation of this family. Since its origins, it has offered Agriculture, Industry and Construction, a wide variety of products such as underground, aerial and transport store-tanks, all subject to pressure and void, autoclaves, metallic structures and an infinite number of industrial installations.
It is in 1945 that the production of industrial boilers begins, manufacturing more the 1500 for third-parties brands. In 1956 the boilers started to be commercialized under the “Stocco” brand, being found currently in hundreds of plants.
From the very beginning, the company has manufactured its own vessel heads cabezales for its tanks, leading the business, in the year 1978, to an inflection point due to the incorporation of new well-known global machinery destinated to the manufacturing of the mentioned pieces. In the following years, other more powerful high tech machines continued to be incorporated.
TWe also have at our disposal two furnaces for heat treatment hornos para el distensionado than are not only used for vessel heads production but also for third-parties’ large pieces.